Bagel and Hyperbolic Team Up to Make AI Development More Accessible, Scalable, and Secure.


This post originally appeared on the Hyperbolic blog on Medium on April 10th 2024

Hyperbolic, the leader in Open-access AI, is partnering with Bagel, a pioneer in privacy-first AI, to launch a decentralized inference solution that dramatically improves accessibility and privacy for open-source AI developers and researchers.

Hyperbolic, a leading provider of decentralized infrastructure for AI, is thrilled to announce its partnership with Bagel, a trailblazer in developing privacy-focused protocols for secure AI model resource trading, licensing, and training.

Bagel’s mission is to accelerate the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and address major societal challenges through improved AI applications by facilitating the seamless and secure flow of high-quality data across a permissionless network. In teaming up, Hyperbolic and Bagel aim to further democratize open access to cutting-edge AI capabilities for developers and researchers worldwide without them having to sacrifice data privacy or scalability.

Hyperbolic’s decentralized AI inference services will integrate seamlessly with Bagel’s unique privacy-preserving machine learning platform. Bagel uses advanced encryption techniques to keep data confidential, while Hyperbolic’s services enable fast and efficient processing of machine learning models across a decentralized network. By combining their expertise, Hyperbolic and Bagel are able to offer developers efficient and scalable machine learning inference that allows them to process extensive datasets swiftly and securely.

Hyperbolic’s robust decentralized AI services will significantly enhance the scalability and efficiency of our privacy-focused machine learning platform. This collaboration not only brings us closer to our goal of democratizing access to advanced AI technology but also paves the way for novel applications across a variety of privacy-sensitive sectors.

Bidhan Roy  •  Founder & CEO of Bagel

The partnership represents a material step forward in making AI more accessible, secure, and efficient for both builders and users. Users benefit from improved data privacy and security offered by Bagel’s infrastructure, which is crucial for applications requiring confidentiality and data integrity across industries like healthcare or finance. Developers, on the other hand, benefit from a robust platform that provides all the tools they need to build and deploy machine learning models more efficiently and at scale.

We are excited to collaborate with Bagel and believe that the privacy-focused machine learning platform is a strong complement to our decentralized AI inference service. This partnership aligns with our mission of democratizing access to AI services, and we look forward to solving important problems in privacy and scalability together.

Jasper Zhang  •  Co-Founder & CEO at Hyperbolic

About Hyperbolic

Hyperbolic is a leading provider of decentralized AI computing and inference services, pioneering open access to AI for developers and researchers worldwide. With a mission to break down barriers that limit AI’s potential, Hyperbolic believes in a future where AI technology is universally accessible, empowering every individual and community with the tools to innovate, create, and advance our world. The Hyperbolic founding team is led by award-winning Math and AI researchers from UC Berkeley and the University of Washington.

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About Bagel

Bagel is developing a privacy-first protocol to enable the secure resource trading, licensing, and training of large language models (LLMs). They leverage advanced cryptographic schemes to ensure data privacy while handling the vast computational needs of autonomous AI systems through partnerships with GPU providers. Bagel’s mission is to facilitate a seamless and secure flow of high-quality data across a permissionless network, aiming to accelerate the development of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and address major societal challenges through improved AI applications.

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