Hyperbolic and 0G Labs Team Up to Accelerate AI Development for High-Data Use Cases


This post originally appeared on the Hyperbolic blog on Medium on June 20th 2024

Hyperbolic, a leader in decentralized AI computing and inference services, today announced a collaboration with 0G Labs, a pioneer in ultra-fast decentralized storage networks. The partnership addresses critical challenges faced by AI Startups and Researchers in accessing high-performance, scalable infrastructure for data-intensive AI applications.

Centralized AI infrastructure often proves expensive and inaccessible, hindering innovation and slowing development cycles. Decentralized AI solutions address these issues by making compute and inference more affordable and accessible. However, high-data use cases such as recommendation systems, fraud detection, and predictive maintenance require not only high-performance compute and inference, but also robust data storage and availability. This collaboration provides a complete solution for such scenarios.

By combining Hyperbolic’s support for decentralized compute and inference across various chipsets — including Nvidia, AMD, Intel and Apple — with 0G Labs’ scalable data availability layer and storage system, the partnership offers AI developers a comprehensive, scalable, and cost-effective infrastructure tailored for high-data usage.

The collaboration will benefit the decentralized AI community in several ways:

  1. Access to Advanced Storage: Instead of having to rely on slower, more expensive cloud-based storage solutions, Hyperbolic developers and users will be able to leverage 0G Labs’ next-generation decentralized data availability and storage, enabling more efficient handling of large datasets.

  2. Enhanced Compute Capabilities: 0G developers gain access to Hyperbolic’s high-performance decentralized compute and inference services, facilitating easy integration of the most powerful open-source AI models, including Llama3, Mixtral and Stable Diffusion.

  3. Improved Data Integrity and Privacy: Hyperbolic ensures network-wide data privacy and integrity through their advanced verification mechanism (Proof-of-Sampling) and novel confidential computing solution based on Trusted Execution Environments (TEE’s).

There are many AI use cases that require frequent use of data in high quantities, including recommendation systems, fraud detection, and predictive maintenance apps. Building these on decentralized infrastructure to keep access high and costs low is not possible without a high-performance solution for on-chain data availability and storage. We’re excited to partner with 0G to empower our builders with exactly that.

Jasper Zhang  •  Co-founder and CEO at Hyperbolic

Our partnership with Hyperbolic is a significant step towards providing AI builders and researchers with the infrastructure they need to create groundbreaking applications. By combining our high-performance decentralized storage with Hyperbolic’s decentralized compute and inference, we can unlock new possibilities for AI development.

Michael Heinrich  •  CEO of 0G Labs

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the AI and Web3 industries, promising to drive innovation and enhance the capabilities of developers and researchers worldwide.

About Hyperbolic

Hyperbolic is a leading provider of decentralized AI computing and inference services, pioneering open access to AI for developers and researchers worldwide. With a mission to break down barriers that limit AI’s potential, Hyperbolic believes in a future where AI technology is universally accessible, empowering every individual and community with the tools to innovate, create, and advance our world. The Hyperbolic founding team is led by award-winning Math and AI researchers from UC Berkeley and the University of Washington.

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About 0G

0G, or ZeroGravity, is a leading Web3 infrastructure provider that is building the leading modular AI blockchain creating solutions to implement on-chain AI applications in the Web3 ecosystem. The platform achieves high data availability through its unique architecture separating data storage and data publishing.

By ensuring throughputs of 50 GB/second, a full 50,000x faster than competitors, and a cost that is 100x lower, 0G has positioned itself as a leader in bringing high data use cases, such as scalable L2s and modular AI, into the Web3 ecosystem.

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