Databricks Co-Founder Reynold Xin Joins Hyperbolic as Advisor


This post originally appeared on the Hyperbolic Medium blog on May 23rd, 2024

Renowned computer scientist and co-founder of Databricks, Reynold Xin, has joined Hyperbolic’s team of advisors. Known for his expertise in data and AI systems, Reynold’s guidance is expected to accelerate Hyperbolic efforts to bring open-access AI to developers and researchers worldwide.

We’re excited to share that prominent computer scientist and engineer Reynold Xin has joined our team of Advisors. He is co-founder and Chief Architect of Databricks, the data and AI company. The Databricks Data Intelligence Platform simplifies, unifies, and democratizes data, analytics, and AI for more than 10,000 organizations worldwide. With his extensive expertise in the field of data and AI, Reynold is adding significant intellectual horsepower to our already impressive group of advisors.

Reynold started working on open source projects during his doctoral studies at UC Berkeley. He is known for his work on Apache Spark, the top open-source project in data science and data engineering. As a top contributor to the project, Reynold spearheaded much of the foundational innovations in the project. He later cofounded Databricks together with the rest of the team that originally created Spark.

Access to compute remains one of the biggest bottlenecks for democratizing AI. Hyperbolic Labs is working towards revolutionizing the AI landscape by making compute more accessible than ever. I’m inspired by the commitment to collaboration and openness and excited to support the vision.

Reynold Xin  •  Co-founder of Databricks

Reynold’s unique perspective, molded by his years of experience leading technological breakthroughs and scaling Databricks, aligns very strongly with Hyperbolic’s mission to democratize AI. We believe Reynold’s proven experience in managing large-scale technical projects and commercializing open-source technologies to be invaluable as we strive to build the future of decentralized AI.

About Hyperbolic

Hyperbolic is a leading provider of decentralized AI computing and inference services, pioneering open access to AI for developers and researchers worldwide. With a mission to break down barriers that limit AI’s potential, Hyperbolic believes in a future where AI technology is universally accessible, empowering every individual and community with the tools to innovate, create, and advance our world. The Hyperbolic founding team is led by award-winning Math and AI researchers from UC Berkeley and the University of Washington.

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