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We provide affordable GPU access and inference services for those at the edges of AI

If you are burning money on costly APIs or machine rentals, we can help.

Hyperbolic offers a solution to slash these expenses by up to 80% without compromising quality. Moreover, if long-term GPU rental agreements are holding you back, consider subleasing idle machines to Hyperbolic to optimize your savings and flexibility.

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You have a fantastic idea but don’t have access to desired GPUs to test it out.

Hyperbolic offers you an enormous range of GPU options to meet your needs with only a fraction of the cost from large cloud providers like AWS. We strive to bring full access to AI and will always guarantee you get the most competitive price on the market.

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Now you can maximize the earning potential of your idle GPUs.

If you're dissatisfied with the returns on your investment or aim to transcend mere paper value, Hyperbolic is your gateway to majorly amplified rewards. Check out our GPU list and expand your growth alongside Hyperbolic.

Let's partnerLet's partner

Gaming doesn't have to be the only way to benefit from your high-performance GPUs.

When you’re not gaming, consider turning your GPUs into profit-makers during their downtime. With Hyperbolic, your equipment can generate additional income effortlessly.

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Who we are

We are researchers, enterprise builders, and startup leaders

Hyperbolic is research-led and expertise-driven when it comes to developing solutions for an equitable and transformative future with AI. We are dedicated to building a world where everyone wins — the future of AI is collaborative.

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What users say

Trusted by the most iconic institutions in the world

"Access to compute remains one of the biggest bottlenecks for democratizing AI. Hyperbolic Labs is revolutionizing the AI landscape by making compute more accessible than ever. I’m inspired by the commitment to collaboration and openness and excited to support the vision."

Reynold Xin

Co-Founder of Databricks

"Verification and confidentiality have been unsolved problems in deployed AI systems. What Hyperbolic is doing to attack these issues is both impressive and exciting, and I’m thrilled to be working with them to bring these novel solutions to life for AI companies and researchers."

Prof. Raluca Ada Popa

Professor at UC Berkeley

Co-Director of RISELab and SkyLab

"Hyperbolic Labs is at the forefront of democratizing AI through open-source innovation, bridging the gap between advanced research and global accessibility. Their work is pivotal in shaping a future where AI tools and resources are as universal and freely accessible as information on the web. "

Prof. Yi Ma

Head of CS & Chair Professor in AI at HKU

CS Professor at UC Berkeley

Fellow of IEEE, ACM, and SIAM

"Hyperbolic Labs has been a game-changer for our research at UC San Diego. Their dedication to providing high-performance GPUs enables us to push forward on multiple fronts, and enhances our capacity for innovation, making advanced computing tools readily available for our diverse research needs."

Prof. Xiaolong Wang

Assistant Professor at UC San Diego

"Hyperbolic's computing platform has provided robust and reliable support for our Chatbot Arena. We run our FastChat and SGLang applications on this platform to serve state-of-the-art open vision-language models. We are thrilled to collaborate with Hyperbolic and leverage their innovative solutions to deliver exceptional user experiences and gather valuable human feedback."

Lianmin Zheng

Co-Creator of LMSYS

"Hyperbolic’s robust decentralized AI services will significantly enhance the scalability and efficiency of our privacy-focused machine learning platform. Our collaboration not only brings us closer to our goal of democratizing access to advanced AI technology but also paves the way for novel applications across a variety of privacy-sensitive sectors."

Bidhan Roy

Founder and CEO of Bagel

What we provide

Hyperbolic makes building and running AI hyper simple

AI Inference Services


High throughput & low latency


Industry breaking prices


Take back control

Run inferenceRun inference

Scalable GPU Access


Massive range of GPU options


Pay-as-you-go plans


Lowest prices guaranteed

Access computeAccess compute

Compute Monetization


Support a wide range of GPUs


Monetize your idle machines


Easy to deploy (deploy in 10 secs)

Provide computeProvide compute
Why use Hyperbolic

Compute you can count on


Our network offers high availability with fault-tolerant designs and real-time backups, ensuring uninterrupted service.


Designed with growth in mind, the Hyperbolic platform effortlessly scales alongside your application and expanding user base.


Our platform enables any type of GPU to host AI inference endpoints. It's built for inclusivity and performance across various machines.


Hyperbolic guarantees the integrity of your requests and ensures unparalleled protection for your data by integrating state-of-the-art cryptography and confidential computation.


Our innovative compensation model is designed to reward contributions, so everyone in our ecosystem benefits proportionally as the platform grows.

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